HoyDOC’s remote monitoring solution allows medical providers to increase patient health outcomes by having our team engage with patients to help them increase the adherence and engagement related to their chronic condition management at home.

Fully Bilingual

Our bilingual team engages with patients and their families to enhance the at home care experience increasing engagement and improving health outcomes.

US based healthcare professionals

Able to interact with the consumer in their language of choice.

Engagement Models

HoyDOC uses the latest technology tools that allow the capture of biometric markers at home. This remote capture, store and share method increases the healthcare providers visibility in to their patients at home behavior and improves timely care modification to improve health behaviors and leads to improved outcomes.

US based healthcare professionals

HoyDOC's remote monitoring platform has bilingual English and Spanish speaking US based healthcare professionals that are able to interact with the consumer in their language of choice.

Culturally and Linguistically Tailored Healthcare

HoyDOC will allow consumer to receive care that is both culturally and linguistically appropriate for their needs. 

Easy to Use And the HoyDOC team will onboard patients with no clinical work flow interruption

Our network of US based bilingual providers have the ability and expertise to provide primary care consults in either English or Spanish allowing our service to reach a broad range of health consumers who have traditionally not been able to get quality care in their language of choice.

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